Trading Up Your Jewelry

My friend Viviana, who went via a divorce and just started a relationship once more, referred to as me up currently and informed me “larger is higher.” Although we percentage sure info of our romantic lives, I idea that this might fall under the TMI class! I laughed once I observed out what she become speaking about her diamonds. She had determined to replace the younger, greater subdued earrings she became drawn to in her 30s with extra assured, bolder styles. 

The portions Viviana desired to sell had been all superbly designed. But she had changed through the years and desired her jewelry dresser to mirror her new flavor. 

Lusting For It 

Trading Up Your Jewelry

Every girl I recognize has a few versions of Elsa Peretti for Tiffany & Co’s Diamonds By The Yard. Which the enduring clothier first released within the Nineteen Seventies in distinctive lengths and configurations. This conventional style gives ladies a way to wear a piece of sparkle in a greater subdued manner every day. This appearance has been knocked off and reinterpreted ever considering the fact that. If you have got one, and like Viviana, are not carrying it anymore. You might promote it and change up to an enormous diamond look. My buddy determined on a diamond Riviere necklace. This classic look from mid-century through these days comes in a wide variety of diamond sizes and qualities. You can actually have one made to fit you perfectly. 

A Bigger Stud 

Trading Up Your Jewelry

The one-carat spherical amazing G/H color, VSI prong-set pair of diamond studs that Viviana’s ex purchased for her, became simply no longer talking to her anymore. She desired something larger, but now not too showy, so she selected a look for her new studs that turned into much less faceted and yet bigger: two and a half of-carat emerald reduce E/F shade, VVSI, bezel set become the proper length and proportion to healthy her new tastes and attitudes. You can take into account an alternate in cut as well in size and clarity while you sell your existing pair of studs. 

Rock My World 

Trading Up Your Jewelry

Viviana also decided to trade her engagement ring for an exclusive one that wasn’t related to her ex. She didn’t want her ring to say, “I’m married.” Hence, she selected an Art Deco ring which had a center-stone identical in carat weight to her engagement ring but supplied a more statement look with piercing and engraving work and more info. She wears at the middle finger of her proper hand. Whether you’ve got gone through a wreck-up like my pal or are nevertheless luckily married, you may either choose a vintage ring or a current fashion when selling your engagement ring. Before shopping around reflect on consideration on what you need to upgrade to: a larger, higher pleasant gem or an exceptional ring style, possibly one with history and provenance. 

Green With Envy 

If you’ve got owned inexperienced tourmalines, which are stunning in their various colors, or tsavorite garnets, also extraordinarily pretty new gems, but have coveted continuously an emerald, it’s time. There are many emerald alternatives on the market today, such as a few non-conventional cuts. There are softer mint new shades in addition to deep wealthy Colombian emeralds and varying rings styles from more boho sublime to all-out glamour. Cuts variety from all the traditional shapes to slices, carved stones, new rose-cuts and fancy beads. 

Diamonds are all the time, but your jewelry patterns don’t need to be. Why wear equal portions for decades in case you wouldn’t repurchase them nowadays? Sell them and exchange up to something you truly love. Bigger is higher! 

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