Picture necklace charms Making Steps Guide

picture necklace charmsKeep your special photos with you all the time. How? Picture necklace charms are a great way to keep your dearer ones closer to your heart all the time. They are perfect jewelry that not only adds style to your look but create a personal touch in jewelry as well. So, if you are looking for a gift that adds personal touch and love then you must try Picture necklace charms 

Moreover, making them is easy rather than investing your time in looking for a perfect gift. And it will take only 15 minutes or even less creates a photo charms necklace. Fortunately, you will get all the necessary supplies at the local store easily. 

Supplies you will need to make photo charms 

Given below is a list of all those items you will need. 

  • Jump rings picture necklace charms
  • Pliers and cutters 
  • Headpins for jewelry 
  • Craft glue 
  • A cable chain of 2 mm length 
  • Beads of your choice and color 
  • And bezel connectors with domes 

Luckily, you will easily get a bezel kit in the stores. However, the kit may have their own supplies so you won’t have to buy extra materials.  

Steps to make charm  

Step 1 

Luckily, there are two processes to create a charm. First, start by adding a photo to the bezel and then apply the dome. Second, first, add the photo onto the dome and then apply dome on the bezel. However, either way is good for adding picture charms for a necklace. 

picture necklace charmsHowever, the self-adhesive domes are good as you don’t have to worry whether the domes get fixed or not. Another thing to ensure is that you take glossy photos. Cut the photo in the right size or use a shortcut. Also, take a whole punch of round shape and cut the image through it. Now, stick that using an adhesive into the bezel. And keep the bezel for drying. 

Step 2 

The next step is to make picture necklace charms. You are lucky if you have not made it before then you will learn it today. Luckily, it gets ready in two steps. The first step is adding a bead to the headpin. As a result, your photo charm will get a fancy look. Form a loop of a pin using a round nose pliers. To this loop add the bead and close the pin end. However, secure the charm only with one wrap but you can add more coils if you like. But trim off the extra wire using wire cutters. 

Use jewelry pliers to open a jump ring and attach the charm and beads. Close the ring.  

Step 3 

In the next step, you will need a second jump ring that would go on to the top of the charm. It’s time to add the domes on the photo charms necklace. Therefore, take a long chain and attach the charm to it. 

However, the length of the chain can go to any inches depending upon your desire but it’s good to keep it up to mid-chest length. Moreover, you can use an old chain as well and fix the picture necklace charms.    

And your picture charms for necklaces are ready. So, go and gift them. 

Photo charms- A Perfect Gift for Someone Special