Photo engraved charms selection guide

photo engraved charmsAre you looking for a unique gift for somebody special? Do you want to give something that reminds of your presence to them? And if you got nothing like that in stores then here you will get it definitely. Buy photo engraved charms. These are not ordinary charms as they are personalized which makes them a special and unique item. Luckily, there are several charms available that you can buy for example- a necklace, pendant, locket, and more.  

Moreover, these are available online now. So, place your order and get the one for your special person. However, buying it means you have to share some more information with the seller.  

Buy photo engraved charms 

photo engraved charmsYou can pick any website that sells picture engraved charms. But remember that it is authentic and branded. You can even buy from the local stores that have the facility of engraving pictures on charms. Whether you pick an online option or local store you should keep few things in mind.  

Things to keep in mind 

Picture quality 

Very few people even know that the picture you send while placing a custom order gets change. When it reaches the other end picture resolution may get change. As a result, the photo engraved charms will not be of good quality. But you don’t want to happen and waste money, right. So, must check the guidelines about picture quality on the website. Always send a picture of high quality taken from a good camera.  

Right picture 

photo engraved charmsAnd it is not only about the picture quality but the right photo too. A group photo or photo with too close up may not fit tightly into the shape of charm. As a result, you get undesired results. So as to save this from making sure that you give the right picture which looks good when adding to the charms? However, some websites allow you to have a preview so that you can decide what fits best.  


However, you are sending your personal photos to an unknown seller so make sure that is safe. Check the seller’s policy and read how they will use your data.  


Moreover, your selection should give you options as much as it can so that you can make the best selection. Look for a site that gives you different options in the shape of charms. You may get them in diamond shape, square, rectangular, round, and heart shape picture engraved charms. Choose the one that you like best.  


photo engraved charmsSince these are photo engraved charms so the price may vary and some may be expensive than other jewelry. You can get the price variation on different sites depending upon the services they offer. Some of them give you free shipping whiles another to take charge of shipping. If you get that at the same price in local stores then it’s better to choose the second option. However, the quality difference may occur so decide after seeing the customer reviews.  

Once you get these things clear, buy photo engraved charms and that’s it. Moreover, some site gives the option of gift wrapping so you can directly send to the person for which you bought it.  

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