The History Of Engagement Rings

It is a subculture that once a woman turns into engaged, she frequently wears a hoop to suggest that she can quickly be married. Today, we view this idea as something that a pair, in reality, does as a part of the whole marriage tradition. However, there is more to the records of engagement earrings than one may also anticipate. In fact, there are numerous theories about how engagement earrings first came into play relationship lower back in a long way because of the cavemen days. Here, we can take a deeper investigation of the engagement ring history, how the custom started, and why we preserve it nowadays.

Engagement Ring Origin

Engagement Rings There are simply many theories about the foundation of the engagement ring. Reports kingdom that cavemen would tie braided grass to the ankles of their pals as a way to seize their spirit. There are testimonies of Egyptians being buried with a ring on their 0.33 finger as it links immediately to the coronary heart. Other studies imply that engagement earrings became the maximum popular as a Roman custom. Women wore jewelry attached to keys as a manner to display that their husbands owned them publicly.

Keep in mind that in this period, girls had been regularly given away by their fathers in go back for a dowry which blanketed various goods and cash. Initially, the engagement ring expressed that the female belonged to a man as a way to inform other suitors that she became not to be had for courtship. While the precise date of when engagement earrings began may additionally vary primarily based on which report you to read. One issue is for sure; the earliest causes described possession and the prison duty among a person and a girl.

With any such records, you could wonder why we continue the tradition in any respect. It can also have something to do with how the engagement ring evolved and have become greater approximately a symbol of love in preference to ownership or felony binding.

The First Diamond Engagement Ring

Engagement Rings Diamonds have become part of the engagement ring tale at some point in a unique time in history. As the ring took on a greater customized tone, it also converted into a token of dedication and actual love.

In 1477 Archduke Maximillian of Austria had a diamond ring made for his quickly-to-be bride, Mary of Burgundy. This milestone sparked interest in different human beings gravitating to diamonds till sooner or later. It became the cross-to preference for those who had been set to be married. Over time, different gildings and gemstones have been introduced to the mix. Victorians formed the rings into plants, dubbing them as “Posey rings.” As the diamond ring developed into more excellent cuts and patterns, increasingly human beings were able to find an engagement ring that suitable their precise flavor. Men have become greater worried about locating the hoop that captured their future spouse’s persona and choice.

Diamond Ring Cuts

Engagement Rings Before the Middle Ages, diamond reduction did not exist. Instead, the valuable gems had been original of their herbal state. However, as they have become more popular in jewelry, other notions changed into given to its appearance. The first actual development of diamonds became now not slicing. Instead, it was polishing. However, to make the advent even extra attractive, easy cuts started to end up extra, not unusual. Now, there are quite a few diamond-cut options to shape specific non-public styles and tastes.

The Engagement Ring Now

While the records of engagement jewelry might also spark controversy, these days, their concept is actually the show of love and lifelong of togetherness. Today there may be a vast sort of engagement earrings available that range from a comfortable spherical cut solitaire ring to greater sophisticated cuts like emerald or pear. The one of a kind putting designs additionally show that the engagement ring has evolved to match each female’s style.


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