Is it safe to wear an engagement ring in the gym?

Wear Your Engagement RingAre you a sports fan? Are you engaged recently? Then, I’m sure you want to know if you’re going to wear an engagement ring at the gym at some point. The ring is a work of art, and the last thing you want to do is protect it. Check more here

Will lifting weight damage your diamond? Should you find another way to wear the ring? There are endless questions about whether you should wear a diamond ring when you sweat. Let us figure out how to make your mind easy and find a way to exercise and keep the diamond safe.

There are three main aspects to consider when deciding whether to wear the engagement ring at the gym.

1. What Is Your Workout Regimen?

Wear Your Engagement Ring

The most important thing is your exercise regimen. If you are boxing, being vigilant may not be the best idea. It is not only to avoid damaging your actual ring (dents, scratches, loose tips, etc.), but it may also harm your opponents and even yourself! The ring itself may move and scratch your fingers or opponent’s body! It is impossible to wear a diamond ring in high-intensity contact activities such as boxing.

If you are an avid yogi or Pilates runner, wearing a ring is not that dangerous. Since these activities have little impact, the risk of wearing a ring is not high. Through these activities, you don’t have to worry about getting injured or suffering damage to the ring.

Suppose you like to lift weights. Well, let’s take a moment to consider the collision of your ring with a 30-pound dumbbell. The direct pressure of the counterweight on the ring can cause problems. Lifting weights may damage the metal or gems in the ring. Do you want a 30-pound dumbbell to touch your gorgeous stone? Is risky! Direct impact or intense pressure can cause the ring to scratch, dent, or even loosen the prongs. May cause the diamond to become loose.

2. Are there other ways to wear a ring?

Wear Your Engagement Ring

People have become very creative. From hanging rings on chain necklaces to bracelets, there are other ways to wear engagement rings in the gym. However, this may not apply to everyone.

Let us reconsider the type of exercise you are performing. Maybe you are a runner. Imagine wearing an engagement ring around your neck on a treadmill. Hanging from the chain, your ring will start to bounce up and down as you run. Bounce to the ring on your chest, neck, or even face may be uncomfortable, and you may scratch yourself. Is not the best solution. However, if you are lifting weights but not running or doing other aerobic exercises, this solution may be useful!

3. Are You Willing To Take It Off?

Maybe you are still not sure whether your exercise style will damage your ring. Would you like to take it off? It may not be worth damaging your ring or even loosening a prong. If you are nervous about this, it is best to remove it to reassure you. Security is better than regret. There are some ways to wear an engagement ring to the gym safely, but is it worth it? You should think carefully.

7 Yellow Gold Engagement Rings We Love

Does Your Jewelry Spark Joy?

Yellow Gold Is Back! 7 Yellow Gold Engagement Rings We Love

Gold may be known for being outdated and old fashioned, but all this is changing because it is in high demand! We are delighted to see this trend. For this once prevalent classic metal, “everything happened” is indeed correct. Fashion experts everywhere predict that this trend will continue for some time.

We can see gold everywhere, and more and more engagement ring designers incorporate this classic metal into their collections. Using gold on an engagement ring is an easy way to bring the uniqueness of a classic design.

If you plan to buy an old classic watch in the market, please take a look at our favorite yellow gold engagement rings:

1. Ritani solitaire diamond engagement ring with a surprise diamond

Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

At first glance, it looks like any other classic solitaire ring. But there are more options for this beauty. If you look close enough, you will find that surprising diamonds surround this ring. These smaller diamonds are hidden from standard view and can only be seen from certain angles. The use of gold does make the centered diamond popular. Between owning a gold ring and adding surprise diamonds, Ritani turns the usually classic, simple ring into a unique ring.

2. A. Jaffe 18K Gold Twisted Diamond Engagement Ring

Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

A classic turning point! If you are in love with timeless traditional rings, then this may be the ring for you. Wearing this A.Jaffe ring, you will have a classic look, updated with modern details. Engagement and wedding rings are currently one of the most popular trends.

We like that in this particular twisted ring, there is only one ring with only diamonds. In this way, enough extra flash can be provided without losing the simple appearance. When wearing this ring, you have a timeless charm and combine yellow gold and twisted straps to look fashion-forward.

3. Sylvie Classic Petite Round Brilliant Diamond Ring

Yellow Gold Engagement RingsWe have said many times that every girl likes this classic new ring. What is the halo, we can’t see any popular styles? Sylvie is a gorgeous ring that is set with a round center stone diamond and is one of the best-selling styles. The diamond halo around the center diamond gives a ring more volume and makes the diamond look bigger. By setting this ring in gold, you can create a sharp contrast between diamond and metal. It is an excellent choice for people who like halo but are not afraid of boldness.

4. 18K Gold Gradient Channel Set Diamond Engagement Ring

Is mainly due to the channel group design of the ring. The two sides of the metal hold a row of diamonds side by side without any metal separating each gem. The diamond is protected in the channel setting, which can protect the diamond from any blemishes. Setting yellow ring gold, style been can be made modern.

5. A.Jaffe 18K Gold Four-Claw Diamond Engagement Ring

Want a gem-centered ring? This A.Jaffe engagement ring can bring this to you, plus some extra decorations. This ring may be simple, but the gold strap is surrounded by diamonds on both sides, which is equally stunning. You can spend more money on the ring, but you can still make the center stone the center of attention. The combination of gold and diamonds shows exquisite craftsmanship and is the perfect ring for people with classic and feminine styles.

6. Ritani Grecian Leaf Diamond Band Engagement Ring

The leaf pattern is a great way to make your ring more unique and stand out. The details of this Ritani ring are exquisite. The leaf pattern design is sufficient, but adding some diamond decorations can make the ring truly unique. Diamonds set in gold make the accent of the side diamonds more striking. For girls with a laid-back BOHO style, this is a great opportunity!

7. 18K gold and platinum three-stone diamond engagement ring

Three stone engagement rings are perfect for girls who like sparkling. These three special diamonds have round cut diamonds, but one of the advantages of this style is that you can use any diamond you like. The traditional route of this ring is three consecutive diamonds of the same size. But the modern method is to make the center stone larger than the side or use a unique diamond shape in the center. The three-stone ring is traditional, but in today’s world, there are countless options to make it unique. The ring is set in yellow gold to blend the entire modern look.

Does Your Jewelry Spark Joy?

Does Your Jewelry Spark Joy? 

Your JewelryOne motive that earrings are a lot a laugh is because it is simple to acquire! In reality, pretty much each time I travel, I come domestic with a brand new piece of jewelry as a souvenir. The simplest hassle with constructing a large ring series is that in case you aren’t diligent approximately regularly cleansing out and organizing it, your collection can very without problems get out of hand. This is in which the usage of an easy and powerful organizational gadget like the Konmari Method is important! 

What Is The Konmari Method? 

The Konmari Method is a technique of home simplification and agency invented by Marie Kondo, creator of the book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. In her ebook, Kondo info little by little instructions for the way to reduce clutter in each category of the house: clothes, books, papers, komono (miscellaneous), and mawkish objects. 

Kondo’s decluttering technique includes first sorting gadgets by class, then touching every single object within every category and reflecting on whether or now not that item “sparks joy.” Put, if the item makes you glad, it remains! If the item does no longer, it is going! 

How To Determine If Your Jewelry “Sparks Joy” 

Your Jewelry

Inspired via the Konmari Method ideas, here are five easy steps you may take to prepare your earrings: 

1.Collect all your rings in one location – in case you keep earrings in separate regions of your private home (e.G., cloth wardrobe drawers, closet, restroom) acquire all of it in an unmarried region.

2.Sort earrings via sub-class (e.G., jewelry, necklaces, bracelets).

3. Identify any damaged pieces and separate them as objects to toss or repair.

4. Touch each final item and be honest with yourself approximately whether or no longer it clearly “sparks joy” – remember, the sentimental fee isn’t always constantly synonymous with joy!

5. Separate out the items that now not convey your pleasure and determine if they should be tossed, donated, or bought. 

What To Do About Sentimental Items You No Longer Love 

What should you do if you are left with a circle of relatives heirlooms or other gadgets that maintain sentimental fee but now not convey your pleasure? 

One of my favorite parts of the Konmari Method is that it is not just about decluttering; it’s also about gratitude. For items that no longer add pleasure or price on your existence, Kondo recommends first expressing gratitude to the gadgets for serving their motive, then letting them pass. 

Gifted Pieces 

Kondo suggests that the joy of a present exists within the present-giving second. So even though an item become a beneficial or thoughtful present, the purpose of that item had already been served at the moment while that object became talented. 

There isn’t any need to maintain onto a gifted item out of guilt! 

If you’ve got gifted gadgets in your rings collection that no longer delivers you joy, thank them for serving their reason then allow them to pass. 


Say thank, then you bypass them on! Start by asking family individuals if they would like to take the portions you not need to maintain. If there isn’t every other family member (or buddy) interested by your unwanted heirlooms, then there’s no want to experience responsible when donating or selling them. 

Display Your Jewelry In A Way That Sparks Joy 

Your JewelryGive the objects that stay the garage they deserve! Invest in quite computing device trays or packing containers to save ordinary portions. Store unique event gadgets cautiously in drawers, on hooks, or in placing pouches. 

Invest within the right gear like a silver polishing material or diamond cleansing answer that will help you smooth and hold the quality of your jewelry

Heirloom Jewelry

Best Black Wedding Bands

Wedding Day Jewelry

Heirloom Jewelry: What To Keep And What To Sell 

“Need tops the whole thing.” If you’re observing a box of jewelry and figuring out whether to keep it or sell it. That’s the primary question to invite your self: do you want the cash it will carry?  diy picture charms

If you need money to pay bills, pay down money owed, get greater training to boost your career, or pay for medical care. Through all approach do your best to get again to the less attackable financial footing, inclusive of selling any rings which could assist.  

But even if you don’t want the cash urgently, it doesn’t mean which you don’t want the cash in any respect: it simply method that “need” falls into a more nuanced class. Apart from financial security, selling some (or all) of your jewelry can assist in freeing you from emotional bags or provide funding for a crucial new start on the following bankruptcy of your life.  

The “Will I Wear It?” Question  

Heirloom Jewelry


Let’s say you don’t need the cash, and there’s no emotional baggage attached to the piece. It’s just not in fashion, no longer your style. Otherwise, you don’t wear it regularly or at all. Keep or promote? 

First of all, evaluate whether or not the piece can be changed in a few ways to make it applicable to you. Can a much less-than-popular diamond shape, which includes a marquise. Be re-set east-west in a matte yellow gold bezel as opposed to the everyday north-south white gold prongs? Instant update and very contemporary!  

Can a substantial omega chain be mixed with a collection of different gold chains in different weights and widths for the modern-day layered look? Check out this video to peer how gold necklaces we concept had been left within the ‘80s look modern-day again!  

Can Granny’s brooch be broken aside so that you can use the stones in a brand new pendant and recall her that manner? Beware, not the whole lot can. 

If there’s certainly no exact manner to reinvent the piece, then maybe it’s time to allow it cross. But a way to sort it out? Think about how you pare your dresser. There’s no shortage of methods, ranging from the Marie Kondo unload-it-all-on-the-mattress system to turning a hanger around every time you wear something. So that at the stop of a yr you may just toss whatever you haven’t worn. Great concept—if your routine and your climate in no way change. But if you don’t realize from one winter to the following if you can go out in a leather moto jacket and style boots. Otherwise you’ll be swaddled to the eyeballs in a puffer coat and Timberlands, it isn’t the quality method.  

To easy my closet, I ask myself 3 questions of every object in my dresser: 

Heirloom Jewelry

  1. If I were attempting this on in the shop for the first time, might I purchase it?
  2. Would I be glad I’m sporting this if I ran into an ex, an enterprise colleague, a vintage classmate, a “frenemy,”. Or anybody else I need to look handiest when I appear and feel my absolute first-class?
  3. Does this fit my lifestyle at all? Even every now and then?

If the answer to any of these questions is “no,” for me, that’s sufficient compelling reason to cast off it. If it’s no longer a fashion I like anymore, if it doesn’t match the manner I need it to be healthy, or make me sense the manner I want to feel, then I’ll consign it or donate it. 

It’s a bit more difficult with jewelry. Because it’s small and doesn’t take up a whole lot of space, it’s tempting to keep it. But three inquiries to ask are: 

  1. Does it healthy, or is it uncomfortable after I put on it? Does the earring pull or pinch, is the hoop hard to get on and off, the bracelet too tight, and so on? There are solutions—including retrofitting a circle with a hinged starting. But if there’s no manner to have a jeweler regulate the piece so that it’s comfortable to wear, you’re not going to put on it, plain and easy.
  2. Can I place it on without assist? There are quite a few hacks, consisting of the paper clip/bracelet trick, or ask a jeweler to position a larger or less difficult-to-work clasp on a necklace. A flat plastic disc or a little piece of surgical tape can keep a disheveled earring upright, and so forth. But if there’s no answer, you’re not likely to wear it.
  3. Realistically, am I going to put on this? Do I find it, irresistible? Does it work with any of my clothes? Do I go to any events that it’s suitable to put on? Can I type or speak at the phone, or does it get inside the way, and I’m always taking it off and tossing it on my table? In these cases, my notion is to hold some favorites for unique events and permit going of the rest.

Or it may sincerely be that you’d a good deal instead have a brand new countertop than Granny’s vintage diamond brooch. If you loved Granny however not her flavor in jewelry, you might be suffering over what to do about it. 

In case you’re feeling responsible approximately parting with it, examine this text that creator Debbie Reslock published earlier this yr at the Worthy blog. To summarize: the reminiscences, love, and sentiment lie inside us, now not within the real portions. If you’ll wear the piece every now and then—although only for unique occasions—then it’s well worth retaining. Likewise, in case you cherish it and want to skip it down your self. But if it’s simply sitting in a field and could by no means see the light of day. She offers a few different ideas for celebrating the reminiscence of the cherished person who left it to you:  

  • Keep one piece from the gathering and promote the rest 
  • Pass it alongside to someone in the circle of relatives that would put on the jewelry 
  • Sell it and use the cash for a circle of relatives trip or accumulating to create memories to proportion 
  • Sell it and donate the proceeds to a motive expensive to the departed one, purchase a memorial plaque or bench, or plant a memorial garden 
  • Use the cash to meet an individual goal of your very own that might have made your relative satisfied to see. 

How Do You Determine What To Keep And What To Sell?  

Heirloom Jewelry

We suggest doing the identical dump-it-all-in-a-pile technique Kondo advocates. Then type it by using kind, keep what sparks pleasure, thank what doesn’t and take away it. You can thank Granny’s diamond brooch for bringing joy to Granny, and for its function in permitting you to get a gorgeous new kitchen. And also you’ll in all likelihood assume fondly of your granny every time you’re cooking for your new countertop. 

If we can repurpose or promote the jewelry and use the cash to locate any other way to consider or deliver enjoyment. Honestly this is an appropriate present that we can provide lower back to them. 

Finally, I requested a pal how jewelers cope with this problem. Laura Stanley is an AGS jeweler in Little Rock, AR, who has been coping with buying and promoting jewelry when you consider that she was antique enough to look over-the-counter in her family’s keep. Now in her business as a private jeweler, she nevertheless regularly offers clients struggling to determine what to do with jewelry they don’t wear. Her recommendation? Selling is exceptional, simply think two times before committing. 

“I tell each person that if they have even the remotest hobby in a piece, they have to preserve it, due to the fact if it’s sentimental, it can ever be replaced.”  

Beyond that, she says gold fees are up now, so in case you’re thinking about selling vintage heavy pieces that look dated, now is a great time to do it. She later had a customer sell a vintage gold-nugget watchband and use the cash towards a diamond piece she preferred higher. 

Signed and period pieces also are desirable to sell if they don’t get enchantment to the owner because they can cross for proper cash. 

Black Wedding Bands

Wedding Day Jewelry

4 Best Black Wedding Bands

Black wedding rings are the popular ring style today. The demand for them has exceeded the chart!

This style of wedding ring is novel and interesting, bringing a unique change to the modern men’s wedding ring. It is different from the more traditional platinum, or gold wedding rings that many people still buy today.

Many men looking for black wedding rings often think that tungsten is the best metal type to achieve this look. However, if you are looking for a black wedding ring, tungsten is not our recommended metal, because if it is damaged, it cannot be fixed and cannot be resized, and it is difficult to cut your finger in an emergency.

Based on the ring’s popularity and customer reviews, here are the best black wedding rings, we think we can buy: these four rings:

1. Diana Criss Cross Wedding Band

Black Wedding BandsRing Details: 14k white gold, 7mm

This white gold strap features a criss-cross design, etched into the metal. Inside the cross, you can find carbon fiber inlaid with black carbon, giving a ring an interesting and stylish look.

Ring Details: 14k White Gold, 7mm

This white gold band features a criss-cross design that is etched into the metal. Inside of the criss-cross, you can find black carbon inlay that gives a ring an interesting and fashion-forward look.

2. Ferrer Jacot Carbon Fiber Diamond Center Wedding Ring

Black Wedding Bands

Ring details: Palladium carbon fiber, 8 mm

If you are looking for high-quality, high-end black wedding rings, then Ferrer Jacot’s diamond center ring will be one of your best choices. It features a palladium band with carbon fibers on the sides and diamonds in the middle. The middle diamonds next to black make them truly popular and add a little personality to the ring. If you want to add more colors to the ring, you can also choose the ring of gold and rose gold.

3. Diana Celtic Wedding Band

Black Wedding Bands

Ring Details: 14k white gold, 6.5mm

This Celtic-style wedding ring designed by Diana is very unique and is the perfect combination of white gold and carbon fiber inlay. The design on the ring is intricate and gives a ring a personality, which is a good representative of the common design in Irish jewelry. If you are looking for something more interesting while keeping it black, please consider Diana’s ring.

4. Ferrer Jacot Black Carbon Fiber Wedding Band

Ring Details: Carbon fiber palladium, 9 mm

Ferrer Jacot’s ring is very stylish and modern. The palladium belt has a simpler design, and the top carbon fiber matches it. The contrast of the colors makes the appearance more unique, while still maintaining some simplicity. Due to its mixture of color and metal, the ring can be matched with almost any clothes you will wear.

No matter which style of strap you are looking for, it is easy to find a great choice in black, and black has a more durable and reliable metal!

Wedding Day Jewelry

Wedding Day Jewelry to Match Your Bridal Look

As a bride-to-be, you may dream that this moment is much longer than the ring on your finger. From magazines to reality TV shows and royal weddings, endless inspiration eventually merges into the bride you want to be.

Although choosing a dress will undoubtedly lay the foundation for your appearance on a big day, you are creating an overall atmosphere that includes how to wear your hair, the makeup you want, and of course, accessories that will complement the entire aesthetic.

Don’t know where to start the wedding day jewelry? We have covered you! Here are some ideas on how to use the most fashionable and timeless bridal jewelry styles to decorate the look of your wedding.

Wedding Jewelry – Classic

Wedding Day JewelryIf you are a bride who is worried about how to consider a wedding photo when the 25th anniversary comes, then the classic and timeless bride style will be your ideal choice. You may wear fabrics such as crepe or mikado, and make the dress stand out with clean, simple lines or buttons on the back.

For classic bridal wear, don’t over-decorate. Try something clean and simple, such as low pearl earrings; it will not make your dress details stand out. Pearl (Pearl) is classic and timeless, giving you a little radiance, appearing with your upper hairstyle or loose, wavy hairstyle.

If you wear a lower neckline and want a necklace to make the look more conservative, then a slender but shiny platinum necklace will focus all your attention on the collarbone and draw attention to the dress on.

Wedding Jewelry – Minimalist

Wedding Day JewelrySome brides do not wear a lot of jewelry in daily life, so it can be said that a string of pearls or dangling and moving earrings will definitely affect your bridal wear.

If you want to adopt a more simple method to match your personal style and maintain comfort throughout the day, you can choose stud earrings, which are shiny and will not hinder your operation. You can always keep it simple, just put on the engagement ring, and the new wedding ring will become the jewelry star of the night.

Wedding Jewelry – Modern

Wedding Day JewelryThe modern look needs some stylish, elegant bridal jewelry to let your guests know that you are the latest and newest look and add to the charm of the wedding day.

These long pendant earrings add the right amount of detail to make your face more beautiful. When you pair it with another geometrically shaped bracelet, it means that you have created the look and put the statement of personality into the personalized jewelry.

Wedding Jewelry – Vintage

If you change the veil to a birdcage and use the Gatsby or Vintage theme at the wedding, think outside the box and skip the jewelry part of the department store when looking for bridal accessories.

Technically, old-fashioned jewelry counts as a borrowed thing, right? When you want a retro look, make sure it doesn’t overwhelm the details of clothes or bright red lips, but pay tribute to the style you want to pursue and trace the look back to the decade that inspired you.

Try using an old-fashioned cocktail ring to bring you “blue,” or use an antique pin as a gorgeous hair accessory to add some more things to your hair so that you can observe things from all angles.

Wedding Jewelry – Bohemian

If your wedding is slightly relaxed in a “boho” style, you may wear a deep V-neck dress, and you can use a long and playful necklace to improve the appearance. Stacking multiple necklaces can also make the bride wear jewelry that suits you and a more relaxed and more traditional lifestyle, thus making you feel a positive atmosphere.

In the bohemian style, you want everything to look as cohesive and organic as possible, which means paying close attention to various shapes and patterns-from lace on dresses to different geometric shapes in jewelry. This is a curated, chic look, your guests will recognize you, and your unique creativity should be solely responsible.

shopping for jewelry online

Necklace style guide

Engagement Rings

Four things to keep in mind when shopping for jewelry online

shopping for jewelry online Jewelry always makes people look beautiful and have confidence in them. Jewelry is always the “top cherry” of the overall clothing or appearance. Without suitable jewelry, successful clothing will never be completed.

Designer jewelry is also one of the best gifts a husband can provide to his beloved, But when giving this perfect gift, you should keep some precautions in mind. clik here

Wrong Sized Jewellery –

shopping for jewelry online

As with traditional jewelry – necklaces, bracelets and earrings, suitable opportunities rarely appear, but you should be very careful when buying a ring or bracelet, and keep in mind her size and purchase the ring accordingly. In addition, when buying jewelry, please remember the personal figure, and choose jewelry according to the proportion of the individual’s body, which helps to unify the appearance.

Always Keep her Taste in Mind –

shopping for jewelry online Jewelry is a very personal item. You must carefully consider her needs, desires, and tastes when choosing jewelry. The first thing you need to do is research, pay attention to the type of jewelry she usually wears, the type of clothing she wears, and make sure that the jewelry you buy matches these clothing. If she is a person who prefers simple, elegant pieces, don’t opt for something that is loud.

Expensive is Better –

Men usually end up choosing jewelry based on price rather than the style of a single item. Most people like to spend a lot of money thinking and hard, so remember to never choose a ring, because this is the most expensive of them, please remember that you It is possible to find fine jewelry at affordable prices.

Not doing Proper Homework –

Jewelry is expensive, so you should do your homework before shopping. When buying diamonds, you need to keep in mind 4 C: color, clarity, cut, and carat. Once you have completed your homework and decided on her needs, you can easily shop for her.

If you follow these simple rules when shopping, all your efforts will definitely be rewarded with a smile on her face.

Finally, remember – “If she is the most important, then you can always count on us.”

Necklace style guide

History Of Engagement Rings

Necklace style guide: choose necklace according to the neckline

Do you have a necklace that you buy passionately, but it doesn’t look right with any outfit? Don’t blame yourself for the impulse to buy that exquisite necklace, because after all, why your necklace seems to be “inappropriate” has a certain logic behind it. The reason is that you have not actually paired it with the correct neckline. This is a necklace style guide to help you decide which necklace is best for which neckline. Please read on and thank us later.

V-Neck Necklace Style

Necklace Style GuideIdeally, the V-necklace style will do wonders and make the V-neckline of your garments smoother. Choose a stylish metallic tone, suitable for almost any clothing.

Necklace Style – Scoop Neck

Necklace Style GuideYou can match necklaces with long necks with short and long necklaces. Just make sure that the length of the necklace does not touch directly under the bust line.

Necklace Style – Halter Neck

Necklace Style GuideIf it is a high-necked halter dress or top, please wear a necklace. It will strengthen your rib cage and make you look slim.

Necklace Style – Boat Neck

Whether it is ethnic or traditional, long necklaces can make your neck more personal. You can also choose medium-sized multi-strand necklaces to generate impact.

Necklace Style – Cowl Neck

It is best not to wear a necklace, because there are already many things running around the neck. However, you can choose an elegant pendant, which will add a little elegance to your appearance.

Necklace Style – Strapless Neck

Pick short pendants or necklaces, and when exposed, expose the lovely décolletage.

Therefore, now that you know which necklace style is matched with which neckline, pull out the discarded necklace from the jewelry box and then combine it correctly. Set off, set off!

History Of Engagement Rings

The History Of Engagement Rings

It is a subculture that once a woman turns into engaged, she frequently wears a hoop to suggest that she can quickly be married. Today, we view this idea as something that a pair, in reality, does as a part of the whole marriage tradition. However, there is more to the records of engagement earrings than one may also anticipate. In fact, there are numerous theories about how engagement earrings first came into play relationship lower back in a long way because of the cavemen days. Here, we can take a deeper investigation of the engagement ring history, how the custom started, and why we preserve it nowadays.

Engagement Ring Origin

Engagement Rings There are simply many theories about the foundation of the engagement ring. Reports kingdom that cavemen would tie braided grass to the ankles of their pals as a way to seize their spirit. There are testimonies of Egyptians being buried with a ring on their 0.33 finger as it links immediately to the coronary heart. Other studies imply that engagement earrings became the maximum popular as a Roman custom. Women wore jewelry attached to keys as a manner to display that their husbands owned them publicly.

Keep in mind that in this period, girls had been regularly given away by their fathers in go back for a dowry which blanketed various goods and cash. Initially, the engagement ring expressed that the female belonged to a man as a way to inform other suitors that she became not to be had for courtship. While the precise date of when engagement earrings began may additionally vary primarily based on which report you to read. One issue is for sure; the earliest causes described possession and the prison duty among a person and a girl.

With any such records, you could wonder why we continue the tradition in any respect. It can also have something to do with how the engagement ring evolved and have become greater approximately a symbol of love in preference to ownership or felony binding.

The First Diamond Engagement Ring

Engagement Rings Diamonds have become part of the engagement ring tale at some point in a unique time in history. As the ring took on a greater customized tone, it also converted into a token of dedication and actual love.

In 1477 Archduke Maximillian of Austria had a diamond ring made for his quickly-to-be bride, Mary of Burgundy. This milestone sparked interest in different human beings gravitating to diamonds till sooner or later. It became the cross-to preference for those who had been set to be married. Over time, different gildings and gemstones have been introduced to the mix. Victorians formed the rings into plants, dubbing them as “Posey rings.” As the diamond ring developed into more excellent cuts and patterns, increasingly human beings were able to find an engagement ring that suitable their precise flavor. Men have become greater worried about locating the hoop that captured their future spouse’s persona and choice.

Diamond Ring Cuts

Engagement Rings Before the Middle Ages, diamond reduction did not exist. Instead, the valuable gems had been original of their herbal state. However, as they have become more popular in jewelry, other notions changed into given to its appearance. The first actual development of diamonds became now not slicing. Instead, it was polishing. However, to make the advent even extra attractive, easy cuts started to end up extra, not unusual. Now, there are quite a few diamond-cut options to shape specific non-public styles and tastes.

The Engagement Ring Now

While the records of engagement jewelry might also spark controversy, these days, their concept is actually the show of love and lifelong of togetherness. Today there may be a vast sort of engagement earrings available that range from a comfortable spherical cut solitaire ring to greater sophisticated cuts like emerald or pear. The one of a kind putting designs additionally show that the engagement ring has evolved to match each female’s style.


pandora bracelet styles

Trading Up Your Jewelry


Here are the factors that determine the cost to resize your ring: 

Resize A Ring: Are you sizing up or down?

RESIZE A RINGResizing up takes a jeweler extra time than resizing down, plus metal is delivered, so the rate to resize down is much less than the price to resize up.  

Resize A Ring: How some distance up or down are you going?

The large the change you’re making for your ring size, the harder it’s far, and from time to time, it could be very hard. At Fox Fine Jewelry, we are recognized for our ability to resize jewelry with some quite radical length adjustments. As a current rule, the smaller the alternate in length, the smaller the rate. 

How many diamonds and gemstones are in your ring? 

RESIZE A RINGResizing a ring adjustment the curve of the ring, loosening prongs. At Fox Fine Jewelry, we always tighten the claws (prongs) of every diamond and gemstone. If you aren’t nearby, make sure your jeweler does this! 

How extensive is the back of your ring? 

The extra narrow your ring, the decrease the fee to resize your ring. 

Is your ring gold or silver? 

Gold, whether white, yellow or rose gold, will price the equal or barely more than silver. Silver ring resizing is not drastically much less than gold ring resizing due to the fact silver is an extraordinary conductor of warmth. Resizing silver jewelry requires a jeweler to take more precautions to guard your gems.  

Is your ring white gold?

RESIZE A RINGWhite gold is yellow gold with alloys brought, usually nickel, to make it white. But it could by no means become completely white, so virtually all white gold is plated. The plating comes off at some stage in resizing, so anticipate a small extra price to replate your white gold ring. 

Is the ring ceramic, cobalt, tungsten or zirconium?

All these and base metals can’t be resized. For extra crucial or sentimental rings we’d been capable. This includes reaming out some Metal to produce them a larger size or developing a metal add to direct them into your smaller size. 

Is your ring platinum

Platinum is easily the steel that is most difficult to both works inside and hence costs more. Working together with platinum can be a Fox superb forte. But jewelers do not need the instruction or psychiatric gadget into paintings. Make sure your shopper is fixing your platinum ring and also not gold! For appears, wear and energy, we do now not recommend mixing both alloys.

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